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HR8800 Intelligent temperature & Water Level transmitter

HR8800 Intelligent temperature & water Level transmitter is one kind of Pressure water level gauge which is used for long-term monitoring surface water, groundwater level and water temperature. The transmitter adopting the ceramic pressure-sensitive element is based on the Principle of hydrostatic pressure that pressure in proportion to the water depth. Its Output signal is processed by the precise signal conditioning, as well as digital linearity correction and temperature compensation by CPU, finally obtained the steady and precise temperature and water level.

HR8800 Intelligent temperature & water Level transmitter adopts RS485 interface. The communication protocol is MODBUS-RTU. It can detect the water level, water temperature, and pressure. It installed the internal integration mass storage chip, high power lithium battery, high precision real time clock and permanent calendar. It has the memory function of self-timing and long battery lifetime in the field of water level monitoring.

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